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About StickQuik™


Organize Anything!

Patented StickQuik™ is a powerful magnetic band that can be stretched two times its size to snugly fit any ferrous or non-ferrous hand tool, utensil or implement.

StickQuik™ comes in three diameter sizes: 1/2″ D (12.7mm), 3/8” D (9.525mm) and 3/4″ D (19.05mm), enabling them to accommodate a variety of different size items from a pencil to a socket ratchet.

Made of high consistency grade silicone, StickQuik™ is embedded with powerful neodymium magnets.

Silicone was chosen for its tensile strength, low chemical reactivity and for its resistance to oxygen, ozone & ultraviolet (UV) light. Plus, silicone is a non-allergic and non-toxic material that is safe to use around food.

Neodymium magnets or rare earth magnets were chosen because they are the most powerful permanent magnets on earth! Because of these neodymium magnets, each StickQuik™ 1/2″ and 3/8″ band can hold and organize kitchen utensils and tools that weigh up to 2 lbs! Our 3/4″ band can hold items up to 3 lbs!

StickQuik™ can be used by professional & weekend Mechanics, Gardeners, RV Enthusiasts, the Do-It-Yourself-er, Teachers, Students, Hobbyists, Technicians, Artists and anyone who cooks or uses any tool or implement of any kind. Our product will help them organize more efficiently and save them time.

Where will you use your StickQuik™?

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