Drive Safely With No Fumbling!

Keeps Vape Pen, Vape Mod or E-Cig ready!

StickQuik™ is the answer for vape pen, e-cig or vape mod accidents. StickQuik Bands™ keep your e-cig, vape pen or vape mod in sight and within reach.

Don’t fumble around your vehicle looking for your vape pen or e-cig. Keep your vape mod, vape or e-cig handy and drive safely with StickQuik™.

StickQuik™ also works great to display and organize your vape pen, e-cig, vape mods or bottles of e-juice and e-cig liquid.

In the car, home, RV or boat, StickQuik Bands™ can keep most vape pens or vape mods in sight and ready for instant use when you need it.

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