Great for the Office, Class or Locker!

Organize More Than Just Tools

StickQuik™ can be stretched to snugly fit any marker, pen, stylus or writing implement. Stick them on or in lockers, metal cabinets or near your work station.

They’re great as dry erase marker holders! How? Firstly, dry erase markers fitted with StickQuik™ will stick directly on the whiteboard since most have metal on the back! Secondly, they help keep your hands clean too. No more eraser ink dust on your hands from reaching onto the marker shelf.

Likewise, you can also use StickQuik™ on other items such as flashlights, keys, box cutters or letter openers, whatever item you need for instant access and display. No lost time looking for missing items!

How will you use your StickQuik Bands™?

2020 Website Office School scissors dry erase highlighter pen
2020 Website Office School Uses Flashlight Shelf
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