Durable for Use in Shop & Garage Environments

The Ultimate Tool Accessory!

Why? Because they’re great for mechanics, technicians and the do-it-yourself-er, from the professional to the weekender.

Available in three sizes, each neodymium powered StickQuik™ offers handy access and retrieval for different sizes and kinds of tools.  Chemical, UV and heat resistant StickQuik™ is a must for garage and shop environments.

Use them on the sides and inside lids of tool chests, tool boxes, and rolling carts for extra storage space.

Stop reaching around the garage or shop floor looking for a tool while working under a vehicle. Keep them insight and readily available to save time.

2020 Website Garage Uses Peg Board
2020 Website Work Uses Control Panel
2020 Website Work Uses Black Rolling Toolbox Snapon Tools
2020 Website Work Uses Screwdriver Set Snapon
2020 Website Work Uses Safety Glasses
2020 Website Work Green Toolbox Snapon Ratchet
2020 Website Work Red Toolbox Snapon Ratchets
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