Non-Toxic, Chemical Resistant & Dishwasher Safe!

Fantastic Indoors & Out!

Why? StickQuik™ will take home organization to the next level! This innovative product can help organize any room or space in or outside your home. 

First, in the kitchen use them on whisks, spatulas, knives or bottle openers just to name a few items. Stick items on the refrigerator or range hood for instant retrieval or display!

Then, use them in the bathroom on lipstick, eyeliner, toothbrushes, nail polish, brushes or razors and stick them on the inside of the medicine cabinet utilizing unused space.

Finally use StickQuik™ in the back yard on yard tools, barbecue utensils, brooms, rakes and more! Stick those utensils or tools on that shed or BBQ!

No metal for the band to stick to? StickQuik™ packs come with accessory 1” diameter, adhesive back metal disks, so you can stick your item anywhere.

2020 Website Home and Yard Uses Medicine Cabinet
2020 Website Home and Yard Uses Oven Mitt Hot Pad Microwave
2020 Website Home and Yard Uses Yard Tools Shed
2020 Website Home and Yard Uses Yard BBQ Utensils BBQ
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